BONK is an art collective founded in 2022. We are a group of artists working together to achieve a common objective: dismantling the image to make it future-proof.

In this post-truth era, we have trust issues. Facts and images are no longer reliable. It started in politics and developed almost parallel in technology. As for the arts, artificial intelligence like deepfake and DALL-E are interesting evolutions, but they mark an equally interesting zero point too.

Perception is the sensory experience of the world. How do you deal with it when your sensory experience becomes corrupted – when you cannot trust your eyes? As perception loses its validity, representational art loses its relevance.

To restore our relationship with representation, we need to abandon representation first. Just like in the 50s and 60s, we have to move beyond perception.
Back to zero, forward to tomorrow.

“Post-truth art should go beyond representation. It’s the physical act of penetrating the world with movement, meaning and marks.”


as opposed to shape


as opposed to deadlock

embodied art

as opposed to framed paintings

October: Back to zero
December: Project Bonk @BAcaputsteen
January: Residency @RADAR
February: Project Bonk @MDA
March: Bonk festival

Visit us at our headquarters @Douaneplein, Mechelen.