beyond the pleasure

2014-2015 series BEYOND THE PLEASURE

(43 drawings)


Wikipedia excerpt: Freud inferred the existence of motivations beyond the pleasure principle. Freud already felt in 1919 that he could safely postulate “the principle of a repetition compulsion in the unconscious mind, based upon instinctual activity and probably inherent in the very nature of the instincts—a principle powerful enough to overrule the pleasure-principle”. In the first half of Beyond the Pleasure Principle, “a first phase, the most varied manifestations of repetition, considered as their irreducible quality, are attributed to the essence of drives” in precisely the same way.

Some of the works of “beyond the pleasure” were exhibited via Gallery Navart, Sint-Niklaas, some were re-exhibited and reworked in a social-artistic experiment during the STAY BETWEEN THE LINES exhibit in 2017.