After the vernissage on Friday and an exhibition day on Saturday, I withdrew my triptych from “salon de l’avenir” due to different views on how to exhibit (my) artwork. We compromise about so many things in work, education, relationships and practically all other areas in life to keep the peace, and thankgod we do. But when it comes to preserving, sharing and experiencing art, I deeply believe other rules apply. The artist has the right to say no when he feels his values and standards are not met. An artwork’s #raisondêtre expires when the freedom to be what it is expires. So 🖤 and 🦾 and 🕶 for all fellow artists out there that guard their standards. 😘 New exhibit coming up later this year #goodvibes #strongsignal #quality #artistsupport #paper #exhibition #anderenbeter #datzeidemoedervanmijneersteliefaltijd😂 #thanksgeoffrey #bestteacheraward #uwtimingwasgoddelijk

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Published by saravermeylen

likes charcoal dirt, low-fi lines and oversized paper, is not very accurate with numbers, gets inspired by linguistics and music, believes everything you tell her, doesn’t get irony, has creaky bones, runs & jumps, cares a lot, not at all and draws with the obsessive compulsiveness of a song on repeat displaying the commercial flair of an coca cola zero can.

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