Works of zen, minimalist jazz and old acquaintances at a Haromlabu performance at @geukensdevil for the exhibit “silence is so accurate”. ⬆️ As for me, this is the most “silent” I can get 🤏 #antwerpjazz #👏 #haromlabu #silence #zen #accurate #experiencingsound and #theabsencethereof #liencraps #curator #beton #favorietje #tapijt #omoptezitten #nupintjedoei

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Published by saravermeylen

likes charcoal dirt, low-fi lines and oversized paper, is not very accurate with numbers, gets inspired by linguistics and music, believes everything you tell her, doesn’t get irony, has creaky bones, runs & jumps, cares a lot, not at all and draws with the obsessive compulsiveness of a song on repeat displaying the commercial flair of an coca cola zero can.

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