“At first, I painted with much gesture and a lot of color. Then I started to reduce because of the meaning of a work. And so as to not debouch into an aesthetic joke” #LucTuymans & #ronnydelrue in conversation ⭕️ “in het begin werkte ik met veel geste en kleur. Daarna ben ik beginnen te reduceren omwille van de betekenis van een werk. En om niet te vervallen in een esthetische grap” Luc Tuymans p 50, uit: Het onbewaakte moment van ROnny Delrue. ⭕️ #ronnydelrueindialogue #learnbyreading #hetonbewaaktemoment #book #interview #essentialart #blackandwhite #reduce to #maximize #impact #meaning #semantics #oxygen #abstractart #figurativedrawing #bodyorigami #gonnakeepthebiggesturestho

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Published by saravermeylen

likes charcoal dirt, low-fi lines and oversized paper, is not very accurate with numbers, gets inspired by linguistics and music, believes everything you tell her, doesn’t get irony, has creaky bones, runs & jumps, cares a lot, not at all and draws with the obsessive compulsiveness of a song on repeat displaying the commercial flair of an coca cola zero can.

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