{Songs that shaped me, part 21} ◼️ “No film on TV, no mood for cafe And I shiver with cold The radio goes on, but all I hear Sounds gray and bored I turn around and around and around Like a 🦁 in a cage Prey to despair I’m lost in the chilly night Still I am watching But you are not coming to me It no longer makes sense to wait for you I’ll stay alone tonight I’m slowly getting tired of my life What did you expect from me What would you have thought Or what do you want me to do? Do you want me to wait for you Can I see you tonight Will you return to me after all? I’m bored to death here My head is full of scrap And I feel terribly down You know where I live I have a telephone, but I don’t hear from you anyway” @willy.sommers.officieel THANK YOU MAN for taking feel good music to the next level 🦁 Hands up if you sang along ✋

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Gepubliceerd door saravermeylen

likes charcoal dirt, low-fi lines and oversized paper, is not very accurate with numbers, gets inspired by linguistics and music, believes everything you tell her, doesn’t get irony, has creaky bones, runs & jumps, cares a lot, not at all and draws with the obsessive compulsiveness of a song on repeat displaying the commercial flair of an coca cola zero can.

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