I’m performing at #sisyphuscafe with something that’s wildly out of my comfort zone. I’ll probably get anxious about it any time soon, but for the time being I’m delighted and hyperfocused. There will be drawing -of course- but also narrative movement on paper and in space. Let’s call it body theatre.

#TimeforDeparture Opening night on Thursday 14-03 at 18:30 in ’t ARSENAAL LAZARUS (take the park entrance)

#Sisyphuscafe is a group exhibition with:
Al Ani Zeinah // Arsalan Amiri // Anzhela Avagyan // Roger Bertels // Evelien Boden // Dirk Cousserier // Edusa Daems // Lima Kassem // Odetta Pilotti // Tine Van den Eynde // Sara Vermeylen

Performances by: // Sara Vermeylen (Body theatre) // Wouter Hillaert, Ciska Hoet, Greet Pluymers (Debate) // Tine Hens (Lecture) // Jo Schens (Music) // A band of lazy angels (Music) // Bie Michels (Lecture) // Nele van den Broeck (Performance)

#Sisyphuscafe is a concept by Dirk Cousserier about turmoil, melancholy and hope: “Klimaatverandering, migratie, kantelende geopolitieke verhoudingen, ongelijkheid, burnouts en depressies, digitalisering e.a. veroorzaken onrust, angst en melancholie. Melancholie verenigt echter uitersten in zich: zwaarte en lichtheid, rust en dreiging, schoonheid en vrees. Verzanden we in een maatschappelijke depressiviteit of putten we er creativiteit en hoop uit?”

#groupexhibit #performance #experiental #impro #dance #drawing #involuntarymovement #bodylanguage #hyperfocus #narrativemovement #welcome #collective #creation #mechelen #artists #engagement #creatvity #turmoil #hope #melancholy

Gepubliceerd door saravermeylen

likes charcoal dirt, low-fi lines and oversized paper, is not very accurate with numbers, gets inspired by linguistics and music, believes everything you tell her, doesn’t get irony, has creaky bones, runs & jumps, cares a lot, not at all and draws with the obsessive compulsiveness of a song on repeat displaying the commercial flair of an coca cola zero can.

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